The UN Development Programme – UNDP

The United Nations Development Programme - UNDP partners with people at all levels of society, helping to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and exclusion, and protect the planet. UNDP builds nations that can drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves everyone's quality of life, helping nations achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on four main areas: Poverty Reduction and, Democratic Governance, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, and Environment and Energy for Sustainable Development. 

In North Macedonia, we work to promote good governance, improve social services, reduce social exclusion, provide job opportunities for all, increase resilience to climate shocks, reduce air pollution and advance gender equality. Find out more about our work in North Macedonia by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

(Македонски) Јордан Хаџи Константинов Џинот 23, 1000 Скопје